Juan and Carolina Movies

December 28th, 2010

There's no way that Juan can resist the sexy Carolina as she's sitting around in her skin tight clothes in his kitchen. And knowing that this sexy Latina shemale can give him the butt fucking he desperately wants is what really gets him horny! After he licks her shaft up and down, she tongues his ass to get it ready to be opened up, and she grabs a hold of him and slams his butt with her tranny cock. He's kicking his legs in the air as she uses his ass to milk her prick dry, pulling out and cumming all over his face.

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Juan and Carolina Pictures

December 20th, 2010

Looking at Carolina's hot tranny figure in her skin tight clothes makes Juan fantasize about one thing; stripping her naked and getting her to ram his butthole in the kitchen! This naughty transsexual slut loves to slide her cock inside of him, having him drop to his knees to lick on her cock until it's completely swollen. She gets him to moan when she slides her tongue around his asshole, but he's even louder when she's fucking her dick as hard in his butt as he can take it. She has him lay on the stool and fucks his anus while he jerks himself off, and after he cums all over himself, she rewards him with a sticky load of jizz to taste.

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Diana and Antoine Movies

December 14th, 2010

Someone's got some morning wood in this house! Actually, both Diana and Antoine have morning wood, and when Diana grabs his dick and sucks him off, he gets the craving for her shemale cock as well! She bends him over in the kitchen for a hard ass fucking to get their day started off right, and after she squirts her jizz all over his ass, she helps him stroke his cock and makes him cum as well.

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Diana and Antoine Pictures

December 5th, 2010

What good is there in wasting a solid morning erection, right? That's how Diana feels about it, but she's thinking about her own stiff shemale cock! She gives her man Antoine some head to get him stirring, but soon enough, he's the one getting on his knees and sucking on her rigid rod. She rubs her bulbous cock all over his body, and goes behind him over a stool in the kitchen, spreading his butt cheeks apart before shoving her dick as far in his butt as it can go. He grabs on to the stool firmly as she snatches him by the hips and fucks him deep, ramming his asshole until she pulls out and cums on his ass. She sits him down and grabs his dick to jerk him off to make his dick shoot cum all over his stomach.

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Taina and Tony Movies

November 28th, 2010

There's one sure way for Taina to get lazy ass Tony to wake up from his tanning, and that's by feeding him her thick tranny boner deep down his throat, and then deep in his asshole. He feels it pressing up against his body, and he immediately springs into action, sucking every inch of it rock hard. He gets on all fours by the pool and grabs a hold of his own cock, stroking himself while she slides in and out of his ass. He's all smiles when she gives him the hot load of jizz he desires.

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Taina and Tony Pictures

November 20th, 2010

Tony figured it was going to be a lazy day by the pool, working on his tan and getting some rest Taina had other plans though, considering since she desired his taut ass squeezing her stiff cock. Once she got on top of him, he snatched a hold of her sexy shemale body, pulling it into him while kissing her, and then traveling down to her dick to slide it in his mouth. That's not the only hole she wants to fuck, as she opens him up in front of her and slams him balls deep in his ass. He climbs on top of her and gets his stiffy stroked while bounding up and down on her dick, and then gets in front of her and lets her cover his face with her streams of creamy cum.

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Raquel and Tony Movies

November 14th, 2010

Raquel was planning on tanning her already gorgeous shemale body, but there was a change of plans once stalking Tony approached her, licking her lips. He wanted a taste of her swollen tranny cock, and he got more than a mouthful when he took off her bikini bottoms. All her thick prick needed was a tight hole to stick it in, and Tony bent over quickly to offer up his asshole to her. She pounded that ass until her cum was shooting out of her dick, all over his face.

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Raquel and Tony Pictures

November 5th, 2010

What a gorgeous, warm day to see such a hot blonde shemale almost naked under the sun! Looks like we're not the only ones who are enjoying the view, as Tony has been checking her out, waiting to cop a feel on her hot body. She calls him over with open arms, and a swollen cock for him to lick as well. It kept getting stiffer the more he licked it, so she slid behind him and got him on all fours to fill his asshole with her entire schlong. She stroked his dick while her fuck stick was being rubbed by his anus, parting his legs wide and sliding her woody in deep before pulling out and squirting all of her jizz all over his hungry lips.

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Michel and James Movies

September 14th, 2010

Michel's lover James is a boring motherfucker. How the hell can he sit there reading a magazine when his tranny lover wants to fuck his ass? Luckily, he realizes what she wants from him soon enough, as she makes him stop reading and get to work on her dick! He takes her pants off and runs his tongue on her sexy figure, caressing her butt and toying with her shemale rod while his own member swells in his pants. She wets his cock by sucking it, and then whips out her boner and jams it inside his mouth. He doesn't take long opening his asshole for it, as he bends over doggy style to get her to fuck him. This shemale slams him all over the couch before covering him in her cum.

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Michel and James Pictures

September 5th, 2010

Who could spend their day reading when you've got a horny tranny that wants to fuck your ass sitting right next to you? James finally notices how badly Michel wants him, and he does what he can to satisfy her throbbing tranny boner. He massages it with his lips after she rubs and sucks his cock, and then spreads his asshole open wide to stuff his butt full of her meat. He clenches it tight, and milks every last drop from her cock.

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