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Renata and Claudio Pictures

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

When he saw this sexy piece of ass at the bar, Claudio could only think about bringing her back to his house and banging her. What a coincidence, because this lusty shemale Renata was fantasizing about the same thing, too! After he saw the big dick she was offering, he was very willing to get his booty rammed by this gorgeous tranny with her legs covered with red thigh high nylons. His legs were kicking everywhere, trying to find the best way for her to get deep inside of his butt. When he wanted more, he sat on top of her and rode her hard Johnson while whacking himself off. When it was time for her to explode, Renata stood up and had him lick her dick head until she was drained of every last drop of cum.

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Kawana and Tony Movies

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Tony wanted to experience Kawana's cock so badly down his butt that he fell to his knees as soon as she took it out. He made sure to lick it until it was swollen, running his lips up and down her cock, and then turning around to give up his butt to her. The slim tranny took him up on his offer, sliding her cock all the way in his butt, much to Tony's approval. She helped it along by grabbing him by the his hips hard and banging his tight ass, bellowing loudly with each thrust as he squeezed her cock as it slid in with his butt muscles. He wanted to make sure that her cock was milked dry, so she slammed her cum to cover his body.

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Kawana and Tony Pictures

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

If you believe that Tony was desiring for some steamy tranny fucking, you're definitely not mistaken. Just look at how he spreads open his butt for Kawana's stiff shemale dick! He's always had a thing for trannies, and so he was excited to feel the stiffness of all of her rigid pecker pushing in and out of his tight asshole. He not only let her pound him from up top, he even got on top of her stiffy and pushed until her cock disappeared all the way inside his booty. When she was about to shoot her load, he yanked her condom off and yanked her tranny dick until she jizzed all over his face.

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Hilda and Marcel Movies

Friday, September 19th, 2008

When Hilda needs to get her rocks off by stuffing her tranny dick inside some dude's butthole, she phones Marcel, because he has the best butt around. Her cock fits perfectly inside of his anal cavity, slamming his tight hole every time she pounds inside of him. He can take her dick in any position, but he really loves it when the sexy shemale is on top of him. He can witness her long blonde hair flow and her perfect boobs sway as she fucks him deep. That's why he vigorously strokes his cock off as she bangs him to get her dick to shoot her load all over him.

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Hilda and Marcel Pictures

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Hilda's quite the gorgeous tranny, with her curvy body, blonde hair, buxom boobs, and of course the swollen cock she can barely hide when she's around a fuckable butt like Marcel's. He's never had his ass fucked, let alone from a shemale dick like hers. She slowly pushed it into his virgin poop chute, and once he got the feel of it, she started slamming away at his butt. He spread his butt cheeks apart and got her all the way in from behind. His knees go so weak that he had to lie on his side and lift his leg to get her to fuck him hard. Her balls smacked up against his own balls as he jerked himself off from the wonderful sensation.

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Emily and Rafael Movies

Friday, September 12th, 2008

This guy wasn't looking for any hole to stick his prick in; Rafael had his eyes on a tranny experience that he won't soon forget! He filled his mouth with Emily's large cock while getting sucked off himself. Then he bent over and spread his ass open wide to feel her cock all the way in his ass by her! Especially when she got behind him and pounded away at his stretched out asshole. He squeezed her dick with his ass to coax the cum from her cock.

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Emily and Rafael Pictures

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Rafael was curious about what it would feel like to have his virgin ass banged by a cute t-girl, so he phoned the hottest one he knew, and Emily came right over. She was born to pound butt, and so he opened himself up to her immediately, and she pushed right down his asshole. When he started really enjoying it, she grabbed him by the hips and slammed away at him deeper and harder. He looked back and watched her big tits bounce with every thrust. When Rafael begged for it in deeper, he got on top of Emily and pushed her dick deep inside inside his ass. That penetration felt so exciting that he screamed loudly while her cock.

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