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Thais and Pablo Movies

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Pablo has noticed Thais around town, and has always drooled over her perky boobs and feminine features. Now he's able to drool over something hard; the tranny's large cock that she desires to put inside of him. That's wonderful for Pablo, who had always fantasized of feeling the stiffness of a shemale's cock going into his virgin behind, and now was having that fantasy to come true. Her long hair flowed down her back as she inched her dick inside of his butt while stroking him off, making him completely hard from the anal fucking he was receiving. He even got on top to get it in deeper, before succumbing to her from behind as she fucked his ass until she came.

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Thais and Pablo Pictures

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Finally getting a rest from his daily life, Pablo got to check out something that he had been dreaming about for ages; the beautiful tranny Thais and her massive schlong. I don't think that he knew it would be that gigantic, but he could barely get his lips around the whole dick. But that's just what he needed in his virgin butt; the largest dick on the sexiest shemale he had ever seen. The slim brunette tranny stuffed him up as deep as she could get it while stroking him off, putting a smile on the happy Pablo's face. He was even more excited once she started boning him from behind, grasping a hold of him by his hips him until her nads smacked against his.

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Jhoany and Alex Movies

Friday, October 24th, 2008

When this big titted tranny needs to get her cock totally stuffed in a dude's taut butt, Jhoany phones Alex, who is always ready for a game of hide the salami. He slides up between her nylon covered legs and blows her schlong until it can barely fit between his lips. That's when he switches positions and gets her to slam his butthole. She won't stop thrusting until all of her cock is inside his ass, and then takes it out only to slam it back in over and over again. He takes hold of his own cock and jerks it while she firmly bangs his behind, giving it to him better than he ever fantasized, and allowing his tranny fucking desires cum true.

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Jhoany and Alex Pictures

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Jhoany was dressed for some naughty fun that night when Alex arrived, and that's because this tranny bitch knows that Alex's butt is one fun place to stick your cock into. She always gets the best blowjobs from him, because he wants to ensure that her dick is as rigid as it can be to stretch him up inside. She puts her schlong inside of him by spreading his legs and ass cheeks and sliding her way in his taut ass, as he bellows out a giant moan once she's deep inside. He loves to jerk himself while she's on top of him, as he gets off from watching his body being plundered by such a gorgeous tranny. The sex doesn't end until both shemale and her man explode.

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Graziela and Pablo Movies

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Pablo was quite excited that night, because he finally came across the tranny slut of his dreams, and she was coming home with him! That's why he was so swift to go down on Graziela, fucking his own throat with her hard cock to get it nice and hard so it could spread open his butt. Not only was Graziela ready to open him up with her tranny dick, she even whacked him off to give him that added sexual sensation. He loved every minute of having his butt fucked by her, especially when she moved behind him and fucked his butt deep, making his swollen dick flop around every time she thrusted her way inside of him. She tore him up inside and out, and Pablo was quite appreciate for it.

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Graziela and Pablo Pictures

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Pablo had always fantasized of what it would feel like to have a tranny's swollen member stuffed inside his butt while he watched her boobs sway, and he got his opportunity to get slammed in the behind by a tranny cutie. Graziela loved the way his constricting balloon knot squeezed her member as she slowly eased inside of him, watching Pablo's cock grow every time she got in him deeper. She bent him over so she could have more power over him, and the sexy blonde shemale gave him one hard fucking from behind, even squatting over him for more penetration. He lost all control, and jerked his pecker while she banged him on top, enjoying the sight of his shemale chick fucking him good.

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Adriana and Alex Movies

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Alex was extremely horny, and when he laid eyes on this gorgeous blonde at the dance club, he just had to fuck her. Especially when Adriana was pushing into him from behind, and he could feel her cock getting larger and poking him in the ass! When they made it back to his house, she quickly stripped and started licking on his rod. But it was her shemale cock that was going to be put to work, as she bent him over and fucked him between his butt cheeks while he jerked himself. She slid her head in and slowly entered every last inch in, and then fucked the shit out of his asshole over and over again. He was screwed in every position imaginable, desperately desiring for his new tranny girlfriend's jizz.

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Adriana and Alex Pictures

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

This is one mistake that Alex is totally notgoing to regret, because even though he thought he was scoring a beautiful babe at the club, he actually was hooking up with with a shemale. Adriana wanted to feel how snugly Alex's butt could wrap around her dick, and he sure was tight, considering how new he was to shemale fucking. But she made sure to spread him wide, pushing her member in and out of his asshole with such power that her nads slapped against his. She jerked him while giving his ass, as he glanced up at her with delight from how wonderful it felt to have this beautiful t-girl penetrating his ass.

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Renata and Claudio Movies

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Claudio figured he met at the bar was going to be an easy lay, and she was, except for the fact that he was the one getting boned! But he wasn't worried at all when Renata took out her dick and made him realize that all his tranny dreams could become reality that night. That's why he got on his knees and gave himself up to her, and she took the chance to fill him full of tranny dick. When he wasn't feeling like he was getting enough penetration, he laid back even deeper, making her balls slap up on his own, and making him moan out loud. She pounded his butt when they laid on the bed as well, as he was squeezing around her cock and getting her to a huge cum eruption.

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