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Zamira and Sergio Movies

Friday, November 28th, 2008

If there's a way for the beautiful tranny Zamira to exhibit her total power over Sergio, it's by bending him over and giving him a rigid ass plowing from behind while in the kitchen. But first, he's got to show her that he's really deserving of it, so she gets up on the counter top and has him suck her shemale stiffy hard. She touches his butt crack up and down while thinking about stuffing it with her massive rod when he's done sucking her. They go down to the kitchen floor, and she slips her dick all the way into his butt, and he screams out vociferously from how wonderful it feels to be stuffed by a perfect tranny.

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Zamira and Sergio Pictures

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Sergio is all about enticing his blonde tranny girlfriend's hard-on, especially since she's going to stuff it to him hard in the butt as soon as he's done licking her off. But Sergio takes his time to ensure that he does things right by Zamira, moving his tongue up and down her member, and even spilling milk on it and lapping it off. When he's got all of Zamira's shemale dick rigid, he gets on his hands and knees on the floor, and spreads his butt cheeks for her to slam him from behind. That just happens to be her number one position, and it's a great one for him to jerk himself off while he loves the butt slamming he receives from this tranny before he takes her jizz.

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Morena and Leonel Movies

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Morena always knows how to make use her tranny dick when it comes to slamming it in some guy's behind. Just check out the way she pushes it inside his butthole just to get all of it in! She's powerful enough to pound him strongly from behind, and Leonel is happy enough to plead for more. He even sits on top of her, slamming up and down the lustful shemale's hard pecker while jerking his own erection. When Morena gets behind him, he clutches tight for the hardest ride of his life, as she slams his tight butthole from behind on the sofa, overtaking him with her dick until it's time to cover him in her jizz.

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Morena and Leonel Pictures

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

This babe in red just happened to be a shemale, and that's what caused Leonel desire her more. He tore off her clothes until her stiffy was relieved, and then moved his lips up and down the shaft of Morena's shemale cock. She got him stiff as well with head so talented that it could only be done by a tranny. When she had him on all fours and slipped every part of her woody inside of his colon, it was heaven for both of them. You can witness on his face, especially as he's jerking himself off, just how much he desires being filled up getting fucked in the behind by a shemale, as Morena screws Leonel until she ejaculates.

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Mariana and Ricardo Movies

Friday, November 14th, 2008

When this fat dude fantasized about banging a tranny, he probably figured that he would be the one doing the pounding, but instead, Ricardo and his big behind are the ones taking a pounding. But by the appearance on his face, he really doesn't seem to care that much! That's because Mariana is quite apt at taking her shemale pecker and sticking it inside buttholes, as she gets off as well as the giver of the hard plowing. Don't be discouraged by her thin frame; Mariana has a big cock, and knows how to make it work! She sidles in behind him on the sofa and takes a tight hold of his skin, while pushing every last inch of the rod that he licked hard inside of him. This furry dude will always remember the day his butt was de-virginized by a lusty tranny!

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Mariana and Ricardo Pictures

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

When you describe being gracious for the chance to have a wonderful tranny dignify you with her company, that is what Ricardo is having happen here. He's so grateful that he drops to his knees when he sees of her shemale pecker and envelopes his lips around her sausage. This fatty has always thought about what it would be like to have his butt slammed with a fat tranny schlong, and as she bent him over, his own pecker stood erect because of what he was finally feeling. There's a lot of force in Mariana's thin figure, as she grasps him and fucks his behind like he never could have dreamed. She wore out the fatty quickly, but kept fucking his asshole until her dick was about to shoot its load. She pulled out and erupted all over his fat body.

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Anahi and Edgard Movies

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Just wait until you get to see the look of shock on the face of Edgard after he experiences the power of big titted Anahi's fat tranny cock! He should have realized what what was happening, but you can't imagine just how it will feel to get a dick stuffed inside your virgin butt until it occurs! After a few pushes, Edgard really starts to enjoy it, spreading his butthole as open as he could get it to accept Anahi's large cock. She fucked him all over the sofa from behind, as he attempted to grasp at anything in the heat of the moment to control himself. After giving his ass the banging of a lifetime, Anahi jerked herself with her glove covered hand until her cock all over her sexy shemale body.

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Anahi and Edgard Pictures

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Edgard pondered long and hard about just what was waiting for him; a sexy, vivacious tranny named Anahi that was ready to make some of his craziest fantasies come true. She moved her lips around his stiffy and then let him bang her jiggly boobs before he received his first taste of cock and loved it. Once he made it as rigid as he could, he got on top of it, spread his butt cheeks, and let it slide all the way into his asshole. I'm sure it went a long way in, because this tranny has a big pecker! Once she desired to slam him, she moved him to the couch and bent him over, stuffing him up until she was nads deep down his ass. He stroked himself off while she fucked him incessantly, bringing them both to shoot their loads in no time.

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