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Marcia and Douglas Pictures

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Take a look at Douglas, and you could have never pegged him to drop down on a cock and get taken in the butt. But when it boils down to trannies, especially Marcia, he'll do what it takes to tantalize her enormous power tool! Her petite figure appears like it's no threat for his strength, but you'd be shocked at how strong a shemale can get when they're in the back a taut guy's butt that they desire to screw! He gets a boning by the pool, bellowing out so passionately that he made the water in the pool ripple! She got to the side of him and spread his legs to push even harder, extensively kissing the burly guy while pushing her dick inside of him. It didn't take much time for her to shoot all over him!

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Sofia and Alejo Movies

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Beardy Alejo seems like the kind of dude that controls everything in his life. Although when it has to do hot blonde trannies like Sofia, he relinquishes everything to pleasure her big t-girl rod. She hovers above him to get him the greatest angle at licking her cock, as his mouth and throat are totally stuffed with all of her rigid cock. When her thigh high pantyhose covered legs became weak from his dick sucking talents, she lays down for even more cock sucking. That won't last long though, because she went there to stretch his butthole apart, so she stretches him wide and penetrates his poop chute, making his legs kick up in the air as she pounds the hell out of his ass.

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Sofia and Alejo Pictures

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Alejo figured himself fortunate that night, mainly getting such a perfect shemale like Sofia flopped over his legs and licking his cock hard. He offered her longer lip service just to ensure that her hard-on was as hard as can be, since Sofia's was the dick that had to do the job inside of him. She utilized her strength and grasped his legs to pull them apart, stuffing his butt up with the meat he just licked erect. He screamed excitingly, and jerked on his own pecker faster the more she banged him. She dismounted to check out his booty, but only to gape it out wider to fit her whole stiffy down his constricting butthole to get her to ejaculate.

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Miguel and Victoria Movies

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Miguel had gone out dancing one night, and got the digits of a tall brunette who possessed all the right moves at the club. The most talented move Victoria had was slamming her hard tranny pole into his butt from behind, and he needed to know just how wonderful it would feel getting all of it inside of his ass. He received all that he asked for here, as Victoria took total control over his behind, ramming her cock deep inside. He went on top and sat down on her rigid Johnson, jerking his own woody every time she was nads deep inside of him. Miguel's totally located the tranny of his fantasies!

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Miguel and Victoria Pictures

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Ordinarily, when Miguel travels to meet babes at the bar, he travels back empty handed. When he attempted it on Victoria, a babe with an monster schlong, he finally scored! After she sucked his pecker up and down, she pushed her bigger hog down his throat, allowing him a feel of what's to occur once she gets him on all fours. He held on for dear life as she grabbed him in towards her body, thrusting her wiener all the way in him until it disappeared. His rod got even more swollen when he got on top of her, rubbing his pole while she fucked him deeper. A steamy load of the tranny's cum is his award for giving up such a fuckable booty.

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Denisse and Edgard Movies

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Long legs and large breasts are usually something that makes guys randy for a girl, but having a big cock under her skirt, and having the skills to utilize it, has Denisse very in demand where Edgard is concerned. That's because he needed to be fucked in his colon, and no one does it as good than a competent tranny with a rigid schlong. He didn't realize how deep she could push inside of him, jerking himself off while she opened his leg and slammed him on the bed. When it came time for both of them to shoot their jizz, they laid side by side on the bed, jerking their big rods as he observed her cum shoot from her swollen shemale boner.

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Denisse and Edgard Pictures

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

You can't forbid a horny young babe to begin with, but Edgard couldn't deny the passion of Denisse, the shemale schoolgirl, and how much she needed to jam her swollen pecker inside his butt. She baited him into it by slipping all of her thick rod down her mouth, licking it hard and snacking on his sack. He asked to do the same for her, considering he desired to experience what it was like to have his butt totally stuffed with schlong. They both received their wish when she bent him over and slammed away at his virgin butt, spanking his butt cheeks and banging away at his taut knot in many different positions. They jerked their dicks together, and she exploded all over his shaved body.

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Agustina and Nacho Movies

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I'm quite sure that Nacho could be fired as a doctor, but he chooses to accept that risk when it comes to Agustina and her insatiable, sexy transsexual figure. He attempted to perform his duty by administering her a complete physical examination, but when she saw that he was stiff for her, she laid him down and started licking on his boner. He got even more swollen once she gave up her hard prick that was even larger than his. He went after it like it had the cure for cancer, impatiently licking it up and down while Agustina moaned and massaged her boobs. She thought how her shemale hard-on would feel in his behind, so she took his temperature and enjoyed how hot it felt.

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Agustina and Nacho Pictures

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Nacho couldn't contain his exuberance when his favorite patient, a beautiful shemale named Agustina, arrived for an appointment. Sometimes, it just means that he is able to touch her body and get paid to do so. But on this occasion, when she caught a glimpse of how mighty his pecker got from rubbing her, she hopped on him and right away started moving up and down on his stiffy. Nacho wasn't about to let that action go unnoticed, so he gaped his mouth and let her tunnel her beefy rod all the way down his mouth also. She pushed her hand up and down his ripe buttocks, and then pushed it to enter her prick inside of him. He enjoyed his tranny banging so much that he rode on top of her and took her deep, jerking her pecker with his cheeks until she shot a load all over herself.

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