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Adryela and Claudio Movies

Friday, January 30th, 2009

What was this beautiful chick doing in front of Pablo's place? It's his sexy tranny lover Adryela, and she's set a good spot for him out on the grass so they can have a picnic. With what she's wearing? Yeah, right. It's so she could tantalize him and get him to give up his butthole to her large schlong! The idea is a success, as he's all over her tranny body, licking her up and down before stopping at her stiff dick to offer some head. His butthole is forever ready for a hard fucking from Adryela, so he gets on all fours and gets it all the way inside while she grins with glee over ass banging her taut lover. Both of them are all smiles once she covers his mouth with her cum.

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Adryela and Claudio Pictures

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

What do you think this gorgeous blonde was hungry for for on the steps of her house? When you witness the grin on Adryela's face when Claudio arrives, you'll soon know that it was him and his sweet butt that she didn't want to wait for anymore. The foxy tranny was stripped naked by his fast hands as he made his way in between her legs to her hard cock. He wrapped his lips around it and moved his head up and down until she was as stiff as she possibly could. When she made him bend over to stuff her rod inside his ass, it didn't take much effort to get all of her dick in him, as she slammed him in his butthole, and then let him lick her off until she came in his mouth.

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Walquiria and Tony Movies

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Tony was very interested by his buddy's tales of how good it is to get banged up the anus by a well-endowed tranny. So when he met with Walquiria at the bar, and she asked to take him home with her, he was ready to do whatever the big boobed tall shemale desired for him to do. When she dominated his body with her strength and started pounding her pecker into his tight colon, he soon came to the conclusion that all his buddies were totally correct! She jerked his swollen member up and down while he sat on her, proving that it's not totally about her cumming, and then got on top of him so he could see himself being pounded by her enormous tranny until she came.

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Walquiria and Tony Pictures

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Because Tony had never seen a tranny as beautiful as Walquiria, he was reluctant to let his exuberance flow. He moved his lips up and down her woody and moved his head up and down to get her hard. When she started tonguing his butthole is when he really got horny, and then he peered back to see all of the big titted shemale's wang entering down his colon. That's when he totally lost all his shyness and really started loving it! He sat on top of her and banged her meat pole all the way down to her testicles, while she jerked his cock and made him grab hers forcibly made both of them shoot their cum right away!

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Sandi and Eduardo Movies

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Eduardo was always game for a fun and thrilling excursion, and after hooking up with Sandi, a sexy, thin tranny with a meaty wang, he chose to go cave diving with her, as long as his butt was the cave, and her rod led the way! They fucked poolside, as Eduardo was opened to his limits by her massive shemale woody. He jerked his own stiffy up and down while she annihilated his behind from up top. She was even more inside of him as she bent over him from behind, grinding into his butthole with her entire cock and holding on as he couldn't control himself. He couldn't imagine how wonderful it was to get blasted by such a hot transsexual like Sandi, and they both erupted with ease from the steamy outdoor banging.

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Sandi and Eduardo Pictures

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

He knew he got lucky with this chick that could pose for any magazine out there, as she was getting naked in his view poolside. Eduardo was very exuberant to start with, because not only was he getting such a beautiful babe, he was connecting up with one of the most skilled shemales who knows just how to pound his behind. After he performed some head, he offered his backside and allowed her to open and fill his ass from behind. His tight butt let her all the way in until there was no more dick to stuff in him, as he screamed out strong for the neighbors to hear. She fucked him in all different positions, and then took his face to cum all over.

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Patricia and Douglas Movies

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Some people, when they put out a blanket on the grass, they set out some food and create a picnic. Douglas is starving for something else though, or at least his firm asshole is. He needs a dose of Patricia's massive tranny rod inside his ass, and quickly gives up his colon to her to receive it. The big boobed transsexual gets off on stuffing a dude's cock glove with all of her rod, slamming him hard until her nuts smack up against his from behind. The plush, green grass made for a relaxing place for Douglas to enjoy while Patricia pushed even more inside him from behind, while he opened his leg to move back on her fuck stick. He desired for her to shoot her load badly, and tightening around her tranny dick with his butt muscles was the easiest way to get her shooting.

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Patricia and Douglas Pictures

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Relaxing out under the sun and having your heat elevate can make folks quite horny, but I think Douglas is becoming swollen because he's got such a sexy shemale to quench his thirst! He hikes Patricia's skirt up to take out hard pecker, and right away begins moving up and down on it. Once it's rigid and able to stuff his butt, the strong guy bends over and shows his butthole to her, gaping it out open to let her know that she could push all the way inside, as hard as she could. She even propped on one leg for more leverage, banging her hips back and forth to fuck him as good as he desires it. Her tits bounce around with every push, and after he sits on top of her, she's unloading on his face quickly.

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Marcia and Douglas Movies

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Douglas seems like one big man that won't take any garbage from no one. Except when it has to do with hot trannies, of course. Marcia ruled his body, and would fuck him anytime, anywhere, as long as her rod was shoved all the way inside his butt. On this occasion, the slim shemale took him by the pool, getting the sun cover over their nude bodies as she slid in behind him and spread open his butt crack with all of her massive cock. He was grabbing on firmly to this tranny's pecker, to the point that you can observe his veins jetting out from how much he wanted her pounding inside of him. She shot tons of jizz from fucking this muscular bastard!

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