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Alexia and Tony Movies

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Tony's always been the type of man that always tries to please his woman, especially since Alexia is a shemale that gives him a hard screwing whenever he, or she, desires! After he gives her something to drink, he gives her two hungry lips and a tongue to go up and down her stiff shemale dick. To show her thanks for that wonderful head, she bent him over and pounded his ass from behind, screaming as his butt muscles rubbed her pulsating sausage. He straddled, and she slammed his tight asshole, much to his delight, and then penetrated it all the way in while she was on top. He milked her cock inside of him, and then put it in his mouth to lick it until she jizzed on his face.

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Alexia and Tony Pictures

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Alexia always had total control over her man, whether she needed him to fetch her something to drink, or to bring over his butt when she needed to bang it with her tranny dick. Tony was more than excited to offer up what she desires, because he needs that hard fucking, so he swiftly went to work on licking her dick stiff. She was erect quickly, and was bending him over and taking off his shorts to push her cock inside of him. She takes him by the waist to pound him hard, but it gets in even more when he's on top of her schlong. She opened his legs open and slammed his ass while jerking his meat pole, and then when she was going to shoot her load, he finished her off in his mouth.

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Shayanne and Pablo Movies

Friday, February 20th, 2009

The whole day, Shayanna had been thinking about getting her thick tranny dick pushed up all the way inside of Pablo's lovely butthole. And since he came home, she was ready to fuck him deep and long right there on the grass! He was very ready to start right away, as they both took off their outfits quickly, while he filled his throat with all of her thick prick as she massaged her own boobs. As her titties swayed under the hot sun, she fucked his butthole from behind, jamming him to ecstasy. In fact, he'd let her anything she desired to his ass, as long as her schlong was in very deep, and as long as she covered his mouth with her jizz.

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Shayanne and Pablo Pictures

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Shayanna had one thing on her mind the whole day, and she couldn't wait to tell Pablo in person. Well, you might say she couldn't wait to show him what she was thinking of. He was very enthralled with the offer, as she whipped out her breasts for him to lick before giving up her salami as the entree. He generously wrapped his lips around her schlong, drooling on it while pulling his shorts off. After he got on all fours for her, she pushed her pecker inside his butthole, getting it all the way inside of him before she took him by the hips and rammed away. He was really erect when he was riding her, jerking his erection as she milked her dick with his relentless asshole.

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Rafaela and Claudio Movies

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Cute, thin and with hair a lovely shade of red, Rafaela knows how to turn on her guy Claudio to have him to bend over and squeeze her cock up his butthole. It's not like he doesn't desire to fuck the hell out of him anyway, so he's ecstatic to suck her cock with his mouth, drooling all over her entire cock and slipping it inside down his esophagus until her sacks lay up on his lips. He gets on his knees and she quickly fits it down his asshole, grasping him by the hips and ramming away at his butt until her entire prick disappears inside of him. She can do him wonderfully, but it's when he stuffs himself on her stiffy when he rides on it that really makes her cock get happy!

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Rafaela and Claudio Pictures

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

There's no denying a redheaded tranny from getting what she desires, and Rafaela desperately needs to stick her fat cock deep inside Claudio's taut butthole. When she begins to get naked, he quickly goes to work on her body, kissing her until he makes it to her schlong, and then stuffs his mouth with the slim tranny's rod. She licks and fingers his asshole to prepare it for his fucking, and then fills him full of her cock with one hard slam. Her pelvis slams up against his butt cheeks from behind, and then he had her even deeper when he sat on top of her. That slim ass had her cock cumming all over his face quickly.

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Rabeche and Pablo Movies

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Pablo was thinking about getting a tan, and he must have been dreaming about his sexy shemale lover Rabeche as well, because he wouldn't keep his hands off of his prick. When she arrived, she presented him a massive cock to not only rub, but to suck on also. That's just what he desired to do, as he wrapped his lips around her thick cock and licked it totally hard. He knelt over and gave up his firm butt for her to fuck, and she hammered it so rough that her perfect boobs were moving up and down with every movement. That only got him to squish her cock with his butt muscles, as he jerked her rod for all of the jizz down his throat.

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Rabeche and Pablo Pictures

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

It appears that Pablo is going to jump into the pool behind him, but when Rabeche stops by to have a peek at what he's got down below, there's a change of plans! I'd forget all about swimming also if I had a busty tranny like her who desired to bang me poolside. She whips out her rod for him to snack on, as he moves his head up and down her big fuck stick to coat it in spit so it can slide up his butt easily. It doesn't matter if she fucks him from behind, if he's riding her, or if he's getting rammed from the side, his booty is getting a hard fucking from her tranny Johnson, getting pounded until he goes down on his knees for all of her jizz.

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