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Vanesa and Mark Pictures

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

I'm positive you've watched a lot of babes wearing bikinis and washing their car seductively, but how many of them have been wonderfully gorgeous trannies like Vanesa? When she removes her top and pours suds on herself, she catches the attention of Mike by some trees, who is jerking off to the wonderful sight in front of him. She calls him over, and the lusty shemale takes out her enormous pecker for him to lick. Then she turns him around on the car and wets his butt with her tongue and some soap before fucking the hell out of his taut ass from behind. She tries to get all she possibly can in his ass, pounding him against trees as well, and then shooting hot jizz while he strokes, too.

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Nara and Lucio Movies

Friday, March 27th, 2009

If you believe Nara is a turn on just from seeing her chilling in a bikini poolside, just think of what the tranny is doing to Lucio over here, as he's being teased from a small distance! It's a wonderful thing she's not completely a flirt, as she goes towards him to give him what he desired. She dropped to her knees to drool all over his woody, and then he goes down and tongues her rigid cock as well. He needs it as stiff as possible so she can pack up his taut ass as much as possible. Check out the way he continually looking back at her when she's pounding him! He can't get enough his tranny woman, and adores the taste of her jizz when she covers him with it, which causes him to shoot his jizz all over her quickly.

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Nara and Lucio Pictures

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Fuck, what a gorgeous piece of booty Nara is! Check out the way she's laying in the sun, wearing nothing but a teeny swimsuit, and showing off to Lucio, who even if he had shorts on over his dick, it couldn't cover it! He begins to get stiff the more she flirts with him, and then they head off to the side of the pool to get nasty. She begins by licking his dick to get him stiff, and then he takes off her bikini bottoms after she licked his prick to suck her off too! He's fortunate to have such a sexy tranny, because she can slam his butt like no one else, as she sneaks behind him and pounds him from behind. After he straddled her, she jizzed all over his face, and then he squirted cum all over her also.

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Gabrielly and Felix Movies

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Gabrielly had a brand new piece of lingerie on to get Felix hard, and you know it worked, because he needed her out of it right away. As it was taken off piece by piece, we are allowed a view of amazing large breasts, her hot, spankable booty, and her dick that shows from between her legs. He takes it and plunges it down his throat, sucking it from base to tip and back again, and coating it with spit. She tongues his butthole to get it prepared for some hard fucking, and then shoves her prick totally inside of him, causing him to squeeze it tight with his ass muscles. He stroked himself hard as he was rammed by his beautiful tranny, and when she was going to shoot her load, he bared his chest for her to cover in her cock yogurt.

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Gabrielly and Felix Pictures

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Looking as hot as beautiful Gabrielly does here, it's no wonder why Felix can't keep his fingers off of his randy tranny woman! She loved his massaging while she tore her clothes off, as he checked out her breasts, her awesome butt, and of course her large shemale pecker. She sucked his wang for a short while, but he lost control over hers, moving his lips up and down her dick to make sure that it was totally hard to fill up his butt. And she made sure to pack up his butt just how he desires it, with all of her hard rod slamming his taut asshole. She fucks him well, making her large prick disappear in his anus, as he holds onto her weiner as it slips in and out so she can shoot her load all over him.

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Carla and Tony Movies

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Tony has learned that the greatest kind of bedroom fucking he can get is by locating a tranny chick who can fuck him in the butt like no other. And Carla here is proven to be the best hottie for the job. She's got a big set of tits, long legs, and the right tool for the job that he can't keep his hands, or his mouth, off of. That's why when she's on her knees, he's drooling all over her pecker, feeling it swell between his lips. He enjoys the way she feels as she pounds her cock inside of his ass, grasping him by the waist and shoving into him. His big prick bounces around as her large breasts sway with every shove, as he moans more and more from the thrill. After squeezing her cock with his butt, he stuffs it back in his mouth until she cums all over his face.

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Carla and Tony Pictures

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Could Carla be any sexier of a tranny? She's got long legs, a beautiful butt, some large knockers, and of course she's offering up a fat cock between her legs. Tony gets right to it, removing her panties and licking up and down on her schlong, as she takes hold the back of his head and eggs him to take it even harder. As soon as it's stiff, he's bending over for her, and she parts his ass cheeks apart and shoves it totally inside of him. He enjoys feeling her balls slapping up against him, so no matter what position they're in, he's taking her in close and keeping her there to get the sensation. The last sensation he needs is her jizz on his face, so he sucks and licks it until it squirts with sticky cum to cover his cheeks.

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Ana and Felix Movies

Friday, March 6th, 2009

What's the easiest, stacked tranny honey like Felix does, the cure is simply a shemale pounding away at your butt. Ana always has a thick cock prepared to pound his ass, and all he needs to do is get on his knees and lick her big dick hard. She gets her tongue in between his ass cheeks, and licks him to make sure he's lubed up back there. It's all she needs to push her dick inside of him, as he shoves back on her to make sure she pushes it all the way inside of his taut butt. He strokes her cock for all it's worth when he gets on top of her, but he really gets off when she takes charge and slams his asshole while she's on top, and then pulls out to jizz on him while he strokes his dick.

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Ana and Felix Pictures

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

The day was warm enough to go for a swim, but Ana chose to make it even warmer when her man Felix came out of the house. She immediately went for his cock, and he went straight to hers! Once he began licking on her big breasts, and then grasping her swollen member, he couldn't wait to put it down his throat, and then put it in his butt. After such good cock sucking, she was totally ready to jam it inside his taut ass, as he grasped every inch as it made its way inside of him. She knows how to take him to the limit, as every push gets her closer inside of him, while he jerks his own swollen member. He puts his feet around her head to get her dick all the way in, and she was jizzing quickly thereafter.

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