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Samara and Michel Pictures

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Michel was praying that Samara would get the clue that he needed a hard shemale slamming tonight. And they thought the same way, because Samara was dressed to have some fun. He enjoyed kissing on her nipples and licking her breasts, but he really enjoyed it when Samara whipped out her swollen fuck stick and filled his mouth full of it. It not only got her stiff, but it got him erect too, realizing that it was going to be inside of his butt right away. She spread his butthole wide and pushed her rod deep inside, getting him to yell and grit his teeth as all of her cock made its way in his butt. He couldn't imagine how wonderful it was to be screwed by her, and how stiff his stiffy was showed you the whole story!

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Marcella and Senna Movies

Friday, April 24th, 2009

This tranny has some composure, because in her undies, her dick swells in lieu of her lover arriving to get the hard pounding he needs. When Senna came through, he didn't hesitate no time in gratifying his t-girlfriend Marcella, taking a hold of her stiffy from her underwear and moving his mouth up and down her meaty pecker. She was surprised at how horny he was for her stiffy, as he sucked up and down on it to make her as swollen as she could be. That caused him to open his butt cheeks deep for her, as she pushed her way into his butt from behind, and then really fucked him hard. His own cock grew the harder she got in his ass, so he stroked himself off fast as she rammed his butthole until she jizzed in his mouth.

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Marcella and Senna Pictures

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Usually catching a half naked dude creeping up to a sexy babe like this would be cause for concern. But this tranny was anticipating Senna's arrival, with her dick bulging in her undies in anticipation. Once he grabbed a hold of Marcella's dick, he knew just what she wanted, as he grabbed it and stuffed it totally down his throat, licking and covering it with drool like a fat man to chicken. His butt was even more hungry for it though, as she made him bend over and filled his asshole full of her large cock. All he pondered was getting it as deep inside his ass as possible, which is why he sat in her lap and squatted completely down on it, filling his butt as much as it could fit and getting her off until she shot her sticky jizz.

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Pati and Michel Movies

Friday, April 17th, 2009

A day by the pool became a crazy tranny experience once Pati saw that Michel could benefit from some company. Right after he covered himself sunscreen, she rubbed it in more so to get him to lick her stiff tranny pecker. He quickly parted his lips for her, as she shoved in her entire cock until it rubbed the back of his mouth. With how large he made it grow, as soon as she pushed it all the way of his butt, it probably rubbed the bottom of his stomach too! She took a hold of his waist and stiffly rammed his asshole from behind, making his screams penetrate the warm breeze. The more forcibly she screwed him, the more vigorously he stroked his dick, and then she removed her dick to shoot her cum on his face.

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Pati and Michel Pictures

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

The lotion spread all over his body makes Michel's body shine, and it made Pati's stiffy get rigid for him! That's why she quickly showed him what he caused on her so he could take it and suck it for her. Always desiring to turn on his tranny, he pushed it all the way down his throat, sucking it from top to bottom to get her as stiff as she could be. And when he gave up his ass, he took all of what he sucked stiff inside his ass, slamming him from behind. She opened his legs open to fit her pecker inside of his behind, fucking him as he jerked his own meaty dick. When he straddled her, he got it all the way inside, grasping onto his dick while squatting up and down on hers until he made her cum.

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Kamilla and Senna Movies

Friday, April 10th, 2009

How can one beautiful tranny and her man make things hotter on a warm day? By heading out by the pool so Kamilla can stuff her large tranny cock deep in Senna's narrow rectum! He didn't figure that was going to happen at first, until she removed her bikini bottoms and directed her bulbous johnson to his mouth. He can't get enough of the taste of her cock in between his lips, and he realizes that the better he sucks her off, the better it'll be inside of his butt when she begins drilling him. He starts to lose control as she pulls him by the hips and rams him deep from behind, and then he opens his legs for her while staring at her large boobs, milking her cock until she covers him in jizz.

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Kamilla and Senna Pictures

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

It was one gorgeous day, so Kamilla thought of an idea for her and Senna to bathe in the sun at the pool. He figured that it just meant that him and his shemale babe were going to wade in the pool, but when she began stroking his dick and ordering him to lick her pecker, he found out that it was going to be an even better day! He lustily got on his knees and slobbered up and down her erection, and then obeyed her when she had him bend over for her. That first thrust inside of his ass made him scream deeply, as he groaned powerfully every time she rammed her dick inside of him. He stroked himself off as she screwed his butt, and then he pulled her rod out of his asshole and into his mouth so she could jizz.

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Vanesa and Mark Movies

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

If you want my opinion, I think Vanesa wanted to know if there was someone around to entice in the woods, because she was sure to wear her tiniest bikini that couldn't cover her large boobs, as well as her swollen tranny cock! When the car got covered in suds, so did she, which gained her a spectator that was aching to have some of that large member! So Mark walked towards her after she called him over, and then filled his mouth with her large pecker. It wasn't long before cock to get rigid, and as soon as she did, she was inching it inside of his ass to see how much of it she could get inside of him. After pounding Mike's booty forcibly and long, they both jerked their stiff dicks until their rods were shooting jizz all over one another.

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