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Lorena And Lucas Movies

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Lorena's got some ideas on how to relax on a wonderful summer's day, and none of the thoughts include getting a nice tan or wading in the pool. She needs her long tranny salami pleasured by Lucas, and she'll do anything to get it. She got him to follow her when she grabbed hold of his cock through his shorts, and then he gave her tit for tat by taking a hold of her shemale rod and cramming it in his mouth. He sucks her off so well that it only takes a few minutes for her to get erect, and then she opens his butt cheeks wide and slams her pecker all the way inside of his butthole. He strokes his dick while she bangs him from up top, and then he gets on top of her and strokes her tranny cock with his tight ass until she's ready to erupt all over his chest.

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Lorena And Lucas Pictures

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

The water was warm on that beautiful summer day, but Lorena needed to feel something warmer; Lucas' tight butthole wrapped around her erect tranny cock! She took a hold of his schlong to get his attention, and then she walked him over poolside so he could lick her swelling fuck stick. Her legs began to tingle as he sucked her meat back and forth until it was hard, and then she opened him up and pushed her dick deep inside his ass until it disappeared in his butt. She rammed him in every position, and then he decided to get as much of her dick inside of him when he straddled her and rode her. Then he licked her dick until she squirted jizz all over his bare chest.

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Paola And Tony Movies

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Hot tranny Paola has a big surprise ready for Tony. And no, it isn't just the flower that she presents him when he arrives. It's that swollen tranny dick she has in her bikini bottoms that swells the more he kisses her! She takes him by the back of his bald head and makes sure that his tongue and his lips are moving all around every inch of her growing dick. Then she eats his butthole to have it ready for the deep pounding she's about to give it. She pulls him open wide, and shoves her meat inside his ass until it disappears inside of him. He squeezes on tight on the slide while she's banging him, and then she brings him to the grass to continue to fuck his booty until she is ready to shoot her load.

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Paola And Tony Pictures

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Enjoying a nice day for Paola and Tony isn't just about getting some sun and diving in the water. The fun starts as the two of them start kissing on the pool slide, with Paola's shemale cock getting harder as she pokes it into his body. After he licks her breasts, he takes her cock out and shoves it into his mouth, licking all of it until it's totally hard. Then he bends over for her and she shoves her cock totally inside of his ass until her sacks are banging up against his ass cheeks. She grabs a hold of his stiff rod and strokes him off while she pounds inside his ass, screwing his rectum until his taut butt muscles make her cum all over his face.

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Rafaely And Lucas Movies

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Those bottoms must be damn good at concealing things, because you know that Lucas popped an erection when he walked over and observed hot Rafaely walking around waiting for him. This tranny really knows how to satisfy her man, and she was ready to have some unabashed outside sex with him. He observed her cock bulging in her bikini bottoms, so she took out her schlong and he tightened his mouth around it to make it swell inside his mouth. They went to the grass, and he got on his hands and knees to have her fuck him, as she grabbed him by the waist and pushed her thick shemale rod inside his ass. He began making soft noises while she slowly pushed in and out of him, but he started yelling loudly when she decided to fuck the crap out of his taut butthole! He grabbed her tighter with every thrust, and milked her dry all over his body.

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Rafaely And Lucas Pictures

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Lucas was always searching for that perfect babe that would not only make him happy, but would have him enjoy new kinds of sex. And no one allows him to have quite as wonderful of a experience as Rafaely does, due to the fact that it's not often that you find someone as amazing sexually as this shemale is! So when he finds the chance to get her off, he makes sure to grasp her dick tightly and shove it in his mouth, licking and drooling her shaft before getting her to pull his pants off. It's amazing how deep her tranny fuck stick fits in his butthole, as he wraps his butt muscles around it strongly and squeezes it so she can coat him in all of her cum.

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Alessandra And Junior Movies

Friday, May 8th, 2009

When this dude is turned on, nothing quenches his thirst as much as a sexy tranny does. And there really aren't many shemales as alluring as Alessandra is. She's tall, has long legs, amazing breasts, and has the kind of dick that fucks Junior wonderfully. So when he comes towards her, he's focusing on making her as stiff as she can get so he can feel her growing in his asshole. That's why he makes sure to do a perfect job of licking her dick hard, because once he opens up his ass to her, he accepts all the perks! She squeezes him tightly against her, screwing his butt in every position, and then shooting sticky cum all over his bare chest.

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Alessandra And Junior Pictures

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Junior had an idea of hopping in the pool, but that changed when he saw that he had company. Hell, it doesn't matter what his plans were, they were going to end when he laid eyes on gorgeous Alessandra relaxing on the grass! He walked over to this leggy tranny and began smooching her, before rubbing her breasts with his hands and drooling on them with his tongue. He went to his knees and plunges her dick totally down his throat, and then he gets on all fours to feel her cock fill up his butt. He gets a solid pounding under the sun, as she bangs him as rough as she can while he screams loud from the deep drilling. Then he gives up his bare chest so she can shoot her jizz all over him.

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Samara and Michel Movies

Friday, May 1st, 2009

With everything set for an evening of fucking, all that Michel needed to have it be finalized was to get tranny arrive. And Presto! Out came Samara in her hot bra and panties, ready to show him what he desires. Now she has got a wonderful butt and all, but what Michel really needs is for her to bang him with her shemale dick, so she takes it out, ready for him to make it as swollen as he can make it. And with him inching it completely down his mouth, he makes it erect for sure! He becomes a winner the harder she is anyway, as he will get to feel it bulge out even more inside of his butt, as she fucks away at him from behind and makes him moan out in ecstasy. The jizz he gets on his face from her is his reward.

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