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Reana And Roger Movies

Monday, June 29th, 2009

This golden haired tranny was happy about fucking, because her long shemale cock was desperately in need of cumming! Good thing Roger is always ready to give whatever Reana needs from him, as he comes to his tranny woman to get to fucking. She grabs his dick to see just how much he wants her, and then he has his face in between her boobs until his desire for her large prick is too much for him to handle. After he licks her cock hard, she stands up behind him and pushes her dick inside of his asshole. His own dick flops around as she rams his booty, and then he gets beneath her and takes her jizz load before she lovingly steps on him.

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Reana And Roger Pictures

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Right as the doorbell rang, Reana rose, and so did her large shemale cock! That's because Roger was at the door waiting to come in, and he also couldn't wait for her pecker to penetrate his butt and fill it with dick. They talked a bit about how much they wanted to fuck, and then Reana shoved his face into her boobs before he got down to lick her throbbing stiffy. They both got nude, and she stuffed her tongue in his butt to make sure it was ready for the fucking he was about to receive. Not only did he get fucked from behind, but he got on his side and had her blast him hard as well. When she was going to shoot her load, he went on his knees below her and she coated his chest full of her sticky jizz.

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Aline And Lucas Movies

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Aline was getting impatient waiting for Lucas to come to her place. She had a good place on the ground picked out, and her dick was starting to bulge in her panties for him. So when he came down next to her, he quickly took hold of her cock and licked her nipples to make her cock grow even more. Then he crammed it between his lips and sucked it completely hard, while Aline got his ass ready for a hard fucking. He really knows how to open up to a butt fucking, as he straddles her and rides her before getting on all fours and getting a stiff fucking from behind from his tranny woman. He got her schlong as much inside his ass as he could, and he got what he wanted when she shot jizz all over him.

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Aline And Lucas Pictures

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Having a person appear from the bushes towards you isn't something that most people enjoy. But when it's Lucas making his way to his needy tranny chick Aline, it's totally okay. She was expecting for him to come to her, as he arrived to suck on her large ripe boobs before taking off her undies and opening his mouth for her large schlong. She gave him all that he could swallow in his mouth, and then she stretched open his butthole to stuff her schlong into that hole also. She dug her heels into the ground and fucked his taut butthole hard, making his dick grow with every slam. He desperately wanted to feel her hot cum hit his skin, as he sucked her dick until she shot her load.

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Nicoly And Junior Movies

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Usually, if someone comes to your door in the middle of the night, you wouldn't be so quick to answer it. But Nicoly not only knows how to take care of herself, she's looking for a man, and in need of sticking her shemale schlong into a narrow butt anyway. So when Junior knocks on her door, she desperately wants to get him naked and start pounding his asshole! He gets to his knees so she can stuff her prick in his mouth, which he quickly licks completely hard. Then he opens up his ass for her and tightly squeezes his butt around her throbbing cock, as she fills him with all of her might. He strokes himself while she's banging him, especially when he's in her lap and fucking her salami up and down. Since she was able to cum like she wanted, the tranny returns inside and leaves him to clean up after jizzing on him.

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Nicoly And Junior Pictures

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Who has any idea what Junior had needed when he rapped on Nicoly's door, but he didn't even know once he checked out this tall shemale that could make his desires cum alive. He had never seen a person so beautiful before, and he fell to his knees not only to give thanks, but to suck her dick until it was swollen also. After she was stiff, she tongued his butthole to prepare it for all of her stiffy, as she hunched him over on the front porch and slammed it in his ass. He sat on top of her and opened that tight butt as wide as it could stretch to take her all the way inside, fitting as much of that cock in his asshole as possible. When she pulled out to cum, his chest got covered in the hot jizz before she returned to her home and closed the door!

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