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Carol and Raj Movies

Friday, August 28th, 2009

As they messed around in front of the fireplace, Raj and Carol started kissing and fondling each other. Raj removes Carol's bra and then he begins to suck on her sweet titties. A few minutes more, Raj removes her panties and begins to swallow her hot shemale cock! He gives her a deepthroat blowjob for several minutes until he wants some penetration from Carol. So as he's on his hands and knees, she slams it into him doggy style. She fucks him in a couple other positions and then finally releases a fury of jizz on Raj's shoulder.

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Carol and Raj Pictures

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Carol and Raj are fooling aound in the living room as Carol takes off her bra to show her beautiful titties. Raj gets busy sucking on Carol's tits and then he removes her panties to start stroking her beautiful shemale cock. Raj goes down and starts to suck on her cock as she groans in pleasure. After Carol is hard enough for penetration, she slams it into Raj's ass from behind. He takes a good fucking by this beautiful tgirl and then Carol rolls him over onto his side to fuck him some more. After bending him over the couch, she cums on Raj's chest.

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Gislene and Senna Movies

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Senna has Gislene on the couch and they are softly kissing as they are both starting to get very aroused. Senna puts the moves on Gislene and grabs her crotch and begins to massage her cock underneath her panties. This is getting Gislene quite horny and then she demands him to lick her foot like a slave. Then Senna goes down on Gislene's hard dick and sucks her cock while she lies on her back. He sucks her from behind as her cock pokes through her legs and then finally Gislene gives Senna a good fucking from behind. She fucks him on his side and on his back and then finally Gislene shoots a wad on Senna's arm.

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Gislene and Senna Pictures

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Gislene is a beautiful brunette tranny who was sitting on the couch with Senna. He started to playfully grab the bulge in her pants as she was growing harder by the minute. Then Senna pulled out Gislene's sexy tits and begun to suck them. He even gave her a little foot licking as they engaged in some sexy foot fetish. Senna then went down on Gislene's hard cock, giving her a blowjob. She even got a reverse blowjob as she was on her knees in front of Senna and then finally her cock was seriously stiff. So Senna bent over and took it up the ass from Gislene on the couch. She really drilled into him in several positions until Gislene ended up finally shooting a load on Senna's arm.

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Dani and Raj Movies

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Raj is a lover of all shemales, so he took Dani out into the woods to have a little fun! They both started kissing under the trees as he felt up her big breasts. He put his mouth on her nipple and sucked it wildly as Dani returned the favor and sucked Raj's nipple with her tongue too. After Raj had pulled off Dani's panties, he went down to suck her cock. He gave her a deepthroat blowjob in the middle of the private area where they knew they wouldn't get caught. After Dani's cock was nice and hard, she then plunged it into Raj's ass as he was doggy style underneath her. She then fucked him on his back until she finally came all over his face.

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Dani and Raj Pictures

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Dani and Raj are outside in the woods where they have found a nice private spot. The two of them begin to kiss as Raj starts sucking on Dani's big tits and making her nipples nice and erect. Dani gets naked and pulls out her raging hard cock as Raj gets on his knees and swallows Dani's length. He bobs his head up and down on her giant shemale cock as she moans in pleasure. Finally Raj gets naked and gets on his hands and knees before Dani. She slips her giant meat inside of his ass and takes him from behind. She plows into Raj's ass in all sorts of positions and then gives him a hot ass to mouth sucking. Dani finally finishes by cumming on Raj's face.

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