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Kelly and Stygmata Movies

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

It's a gorgeous day outside, but Kelly and Stygmata want to spend it inside in bed. And you'd do it too if you were him when he takes a boning by such a sexy t-girl all day long! Forget about getting a tan when you can get fucked instead! He takes his shemale's cock out of her panties, stroking it and making it stiff before taking it in his mouth and licking it totally hard. She licks all over his butt crack to make sure he's lubed up for her dick, and then she slides in behind him and shoves her cock as far down his rectum as she can. She's running the show no matter how she's fucking him, whether he's beneath her or riding her. And as payment for getting her off, he gets to drink all the jizz he desires when she shoots it on his face.

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Kelly and Stygmata Pictures

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Stygmata has to be the luckiest man he knows, because he's always around one of the hottest trannies you've ever laid eyes on. Kelly's got gorgeous round boobs, a spankable butt, and a dick that's ready to fuck his butthole. That's exactly how he wants it! He's got to show he's worthy first, so he is sure to to suck her dick to make her so stiff that she'll squeeze tightly fit inside of his ass. She removes his underwear off and tongues his butt before stuffing her pickle inside, making him grab the bed sheets tightly as she fucks him. She really fucks the hell out of him as deep as she possibly can, as he squeezes her dick for all he's got while she makes him scream. He loves it when all of her creamy cum covers his face.

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Bia and Wesley Movies

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

If Wesley figured that him and his tranny lover were going for a swim, he had to be surprised to see her wearing lingerie. And the growing cocks between their legs makes it known that it's one wonderful situation that they can't wait to start having fun with! Wesley grabs Bia's swelling shemale schlong after removing her panties, as he opens his mouth and lets her dick slide inside until her cock tickles her tonsils. He's skilled at giving head to his transsexual girlfriend, but he's more skilled at getting fucked in the ass, as he gets on all fours and shoves back on her cock until it fills his butthole as much as she can. He's so hot for her dick that he sits on top of her and sits down on it until she can cum all over him.

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Bia and Wesley Pictures

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Diving in a pool as a couple can be relaxing and enjoyable. But what's enjoyable for tranny Bia and her lover Wesley is catching their image in the water as she pounds his taut butthole! She can't hide her happiness, as Wesley takes off her clothes and slips her cock between his lips. He licks her up and down on her throbbing dick, as she grasps him by the back of the head and mouth fucks him. When she starts moaning louder, he bends over and spreads his asshole open for her entire dick. She keeps penetrating him until she's all the way inside of him, as she screws him in all different positions right next to the pool. He squeezes his butt around her rod and makes her erupt all over his jizz covered face.

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Sara and Senna Movies

Monday, September 7th, 2009

As they start making out by the poolside, Sara and Senna look like any typical couple. Senna fondles Sara's beautiful breasts and runs his tongue along them, but then Sara has a little extra surprise. Sara whips out her cock and then Senna immediately gets on his knees to suck her off. He gives her a good sucking and then he bends over for Sara so she can pound him up the ass! He even rides on top of her cock and the two of them fuck in all sorts of ways. While stroking his own dick, Sara continues to fuck his tight ass until she's ready to blow. Then she shoots her thick orgasm all over Senna's chest!

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Sara and Senna Pictures

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Sara and Senna look like two lovebirds on a honeymoon as they begin to kiss by the pool. Sara licks Senna's nipples and then he takes off her bra to suck her own big tits. Sara then whips out her cock and Senna is immediately on his knees sucking it. After swallowing her entire length, he then gets on his hands and knees and Sara fucks him from behind. Senna's ass takes a good drilling as they switch positions and then finally she shoots a load of her hot shemale love juice all over his chest.

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