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Alana and Pernambuco Pictures

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

After all the food is gone, and you've finished the small talk, what else could you do at a picnic? Find a new use for the blanket, of course! Although Pernambuco seems exhausted, he's always ready to lick the cock of and get drilled by his tranny lover Alana. He smothers his face with her large breasts, getting both of them erect before she stood up above him and removed her seductive thong. He ran his tongue on her cock up and down before swallowing it all the way into his throat, but that's not the only hole he wanted it in. He had to spread his butthole open wide to fit it in, but once she slid inside of him, he didn't get off until he squeezed her tranny dick dry all over his chest, whether he was getting it doggy, laying down, or sitting on hard member.

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Mylena and Stygmata Movies

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Nothing makes Mylena look sexier more than getting her tranny body adorned with sexy black lingerie, except when you count when she's getting naked by Stygmata so he can lick her up and down. He grabs a hold of her boobs in this tranny bangs guys action and licks her nipples before going downtown and eating her swelling dick whole. She licks his butthole to get it ready for the hard drilling she's about to give him, as he milks her cock as it pushes inside. He screams loudly as she drills his butthole from behind, and then she jerks him off while dominating him and fucking his butthole with all she's got. He can't help but look at her with horny eyes as she fills his mouth with her milk.

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Mylena and Stygmata Pictures

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Mylena had a great day planned for Stygmata that included a meal, something to drink, and her gorgeous tranny body adorned in see through black lingerie. Not only did his dick get bigger from the sight of his shemale chick looking so amazing, but his butt couldn't wait to squeeze around her large cock! He took her clothes off and gobbled up her throbbing shemale dick, swallowing it like he hadn't eaten in years, and licking every drop of pre-cum that leaked from her cock head. He got on all fours so she could pound him from behind, as she gave him a hard dicking until her balls were pushing up against his. The deeper she screwed him, the more stiff his cock got, as he stroked himself off until she coated his face with her whole cum load.

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Dani and Wesley Movies

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Wearing clothes like they were going to go to the pool was a great idea to not raise suspicion near the pool so they could have steamy tranny sex together. Dani's swelling shemale dick couldn't wait to be whipped out of her bikini bottoms so Wesley could suck on it and coat it with spit. She bellows out sweet, passionate noises as he moves his lips up and down her dick, making his own cock hard in the process. And when she shoves her meat inside of his butt from behind on the pool chair, his rod is totally hard! She jerks him off as she pushes in and out of his taut ass, as his schlong bounces around when he gets on top of her as well. He worked hard all of the of cum that she shot on his face when she was done!

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Dani and Wesley Pictures

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Normally when you see two people in their bathing suits by the pool, you think they're going for a swim. But Dani and Wesley like barely having anything on because it's easier for Wesley to get Dani naked and lick her large tranny dick! He gets those clothes off swiftly when he notices his shemale lover getting aroused, and he stuffs it down his mouth until she's totally hard. He's been dreaming about having her fuck him all throughout the day, so he gets on his hands and knees for her to shove her cock inside of his butt. She jerks him off while his butt is stuffed with her rod, as we get to see her gorgeous butt as she wiggles it back and forth. He takes a couple more bangs before he's drinking the cream from her rod.

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