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Rayane and Matheus Pictures

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Matheus enjoyed the way the skin tight pants stuck to Rayane, especially since it had him thinking about package that was growing in her panties for him! His own dick was getting hard when she took out her knockers for him to lick on, getting him naked and then rubbing her face all over his butt cheeks. She was getting him ready for a hard butt boning, but before that, she had to get licked until she was rock hard so her big fuck stick was ready to slam into his butthole. He sucked it up and down, running her tongue all over while it was swelling in his mouth. She got him on his hands and knees and slid her cock inside his ass until her balls were smacking up against his butt, slamming him even harder when they were laying beside each other. He thrusted his feet in the air as she drilled him while she was on top of him, and grasped her tight until she spilled her jizz on his body.

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Angel Star and Pernambuco Movies

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

They may seem like they're about to go for a swim in the pool, but the only diving this tranny and her lover is about to do is when she dives her cock inside of his butthole and gives him the t-girl screwing he's been needing! He has to show her how much he wants it first, so he takes off her bikini off of her sexy body until his face is in line with her stiff schlong. He runs his tongue all over her pecker and then stuffs his face with it to get her as swollen as can be. She gets on the ground while he sits himself down on her meat, pushing down on it until it goes all the way inside of his butt. She then gets dominant when she moves behind him and bangs him doggy style, spanking his butt cheeks and pounding away at his rectum. She thanks him with a sticky cum load that she streams all over him!

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Angel Star and Pernambuco Pictures

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

What a tall tranny to check out in this fucking action! Angel Star not only has some beautiful, long legs, but she's got round boobs and a hot ass to match. Of course, what Pernambuco is thinking about most is her growing cock that's rising within her bikini bottoms, so he removes them to allow it to grow, and to bring him to feed on her large schlong. He moves his head up and down on it, getting it as stiff as it can get before getting her to lay down by the pool so he can sit down on her stiffy. The rougher she bangs him in the butt, the larger his own cock gets, as he strokes himself while squeezing her dick in his ass. He keeps whacking it while she gets herself off and shoots jizz all over his body.

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Alana and Pernambuco Movies

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Pernambuco and his tranny friend Alana were loving the rest of a gorgeous day together sprawled out on the grass, after having a fun picnic together. Of course in these close environments, it's easy to get a bit randy. But it's even easier with how sexy Alana is! That's why he can't stop kissing her body, as he strips her naked and kisses all the pieces of her body body that gets exposed. When her swollen dick is whipped out, he parts his lips for it and covers it in drool, making sure she's rock hard so she can gape open his butthole. With one big push, her entire rod penetrates him, ramming away at him while he bellows out in loud grunts. She keeps fucking him until she pulls out and coats him in jizz.

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