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Tyassa and Pernambuco Movies

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Large, perky boobs, legs that go on forever, and a eye-opening firm butt make this babe easy to look at. But what gets her lover Pernambuco ready to fuck is the fun surprise that is growing between her legs, because this is a hot tranny! He gets rock hard the more naked he makes Tyassa, and she does too! He looks at that swelling pecker and gets his mouth around it, licking it up and down while drinking her pre-cum. It's beneficial that he covers it in drool so much, because it makes her cock slick to push it into his asshole when he hovers over it and eases himself down on it. She strokes him while drilling him, as his dick swings back and forth from the deep drilling he's receiving, getting him to work for all of the jizz she bathes him in.

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Tyassa and Pernambuco Pictures

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Forget about checking out babes at the beach when you've got a hot tranny chick exposing her body near your pool! That's what's on Pernambuco's thoughts when he notices Tyassa laying around and working on her tan. She calls for him to come towards her because she knows he's great at sucking and fucking, as he rubs his hands all over her shemale body and strips her naked also. He grabs her boobs tight, and then wraps his lips around her swelling dick too, making her bite her lip and moan as he drools all over it. His butt couldn't wait to be filled by it, as he lowers himself down on her rod until it goes all the way inside his ass. She jerks him off while ramming his rectum, and he gets slammed in in all different ways so she can shoot her load all over him.

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Rayane and Matheus Movies

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

It's a gorgeous, pleasant day, the birds are singing, and Rayane and Matheus are having a fun time sharing the day together. What would make this day even better? How about if Rayane whips out her tranny dick and screws the shit out of Matheus' ass? It's not just a fantasy; they actually get it on! She consumed by thinking about his ass muscles tighten around her pecker firmly, as fantasizing about it makes her stiff as a board as he gives her a wonderful blowjob. She turns him around to get at his tight butt outdoors, and pushes into his anus slowly before she starts to bang away at it. His short breaths turn to orgasmic screams as she fucks him deeper and quicker, even opening his legs open and drilling him like she was drilling for oil!

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