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Nicolly and Pernambuco Movies

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Nicolly knows how to seduce to get Pernambuco to give her what she desires. All she does is put on some tight outfits to accentuate her curves, and a thong that doesn't just only shows off her butt wonderfully, but it spotlights her tranny package that swells for him as he rubs her body down. He massages her large breasts and has her get on all fours so he can jerk her stiff dick while sucking his tranny's butthole. It's his own butthole that's going to be penetrated by her pulsating dick as he licks it hard, and then opens up his butt cheeks for it. She slides all of her shemale fuck stick in his butt with one hard bang, stretching his butt open like he needs it. He strokes himself off while she bangs him, and he gets his body covered with sticky cum from her rod after she pulls out.

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Nicolly and Pernambuco Pictures

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Thigh high boots worn on some gorgeous legs are enough to get a dude fully erect between his legs. But what Pernambuco does to Nicolly's body in the bedroom after watching her in those thigh high boots gets her erect between her legs, too! Her shemale dick grows, sticking out of her thong while he massages her large round boobs. She gets on all fours for him while he rubs her rod and drools on her butthole, and then he has her lay down and swallows her dick until she's as swollen as possible. It's his turn to get on all fours, and he has to open his butt wide to fit all of her fuck stick in his rectum. She moved it to his chest when she was going to cum, and the color of her white jizz against Pernambuco's bronze ripped chest looks so tasty to him.

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Lara and Matheus Movies

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Matheus' dick was swelling up when he saw his smoking hot tranny lover Lara in her hot pink outfit, and her schlong was getting harder while she fantasized about boning her tattooed boyfriend in the butt! Just as he removed her panties, her meat was rock hard, as he swallowed it down and rubbed her balls to warm her up to a good banging. She prepared him for the screwing by tonguing his butthole up and down to get it wet, and then parted his legs to bone his butthole from behind. He took a hold of his cock and stroked himself off as she banged the hell out of him, and then she went on top of him and stuffed her pecker as much inside of him as possible. He squeezed her schlong, and soon enough, she was shooting her jizz for his hungry mouth.

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Lara and Matheus Pictures

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Pink is Lara's favorite color, so when Matheus presented his tranny girlfriend some new hot lingerie in that color, she couldn't wait to wear it, and have him take it off. Both of their dicks were getting stiff as they were rolling around in bed, as he took off her panties and jammed her shemale cock all the way down his mouth. She rubbed her round boobs while he drooled all over her pecker, and then opened up his ass cheeks to tongue his butt before she pushed her schlong far down his rectum. She fucked him from behind and slapped her balls against him, snatching him by the hips like he was her fuck doll, and then opened his legs to screw his ass until she moved to his face and squirted her jizz all over his bearded face.

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