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Friday, February 12th, 2010

Although the weather outside may be warm, and it's pool weather, Ana Paula and Matheus have more fun make things hot outside of the pool with each other. And nothing turns the both of them on quite like a hard shemale screwing! Her cock damn near tears through her jean skirt as he nibbles on her nipples, and he couldn't wait to shove her dick in his mouth and cover it in drool. That made her as erect as possible, which was to his benefit, because his butt was about to get opened up and gaped open like he always wants! She stretched him open and screwed the hell out of his butthole, making him scream while she screamed and grunted loudly. His taut butthole enveloped around her schlong and jerked it until she shot her load all over his face.

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Friday, February 5th, 2010

Like it wasn't hot enough around those parts, things were warming up around Ana Paula's and Matheus' intimate parts! He grabbed a handful of her large shemale boobs, shoving his swelling dick against her butt that was barely covered in her tight jean skirt, while her shemale bulge was desiring to be released from between her legs. He removed his clothes first so she can lick his butthole that was ready to be fucked, and then he removed his tranny's sexy ensemble so he could swallow her large member. His mouth's movements make her shaft grow large, and it grows bigger when she pushes it all the way inside of his butthole. She rules over him by pressing her weight on top of him and slamming her fuck stick into his ass, with him loving the feeling of her shemale tits smashed up against his back. But he didn't love that nearly as much as when he got to experience her jizz on him.

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