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Yasmin and Tony Movies

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

It's a smart thing that they make swimming outfits so easy to take off, because instead of taking a swim in the pool, Yasmin's tranny dick wanted to take a swim around Tony's lips in one of the lounge chairs! He got her naked and laid her down to suck her off, slamming her rod inside his throat as she snatched the back of his head and banged his mouth. He got on all fours for her, and she spread his butt open while shoving the tip of her schlong inside of him. His quiet noises grew louder as she banged him deeper, snatching him by his waist and slamming his ass while he pleaded for more. As she was about to cum, he pleaded to have it on his lips, and he got all he could possibly want in the end.

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