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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Michel's lover James is a boring motherfucker. How the hell can he sit there reading a magazine when his tranny lover wants to fuck his ass? Luckily, he realizes what she wants from him soon enough, as she makes him stop reading and get to work on her dick! He takes her pants off and runs his tongue on her sexy figure, caressing her butt and toying with her shemale rod while his own member swells in his pants. She wets his cock by sucking it, and then whips out her boner and jams it inside his mouth. He doesn't take long opening his asshole for it, as he bends over doggy style to get her to fuck him. This shemale slams him all over the couch before covering him in her cum.

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Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Who could spend their day reading when you've got a horny tranny that wants to fuck your ass sitting right next to you? James finally notices how badly Michel wants him, and he does what he can to satisfy her throbbing tranny boner. He massages it with his lips after she rubs and sucks his cock, and then spreads his asshole open wide to stuff his butt full of her meat. He clenches it tight, and milks every last drop from her cock.

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