Mel Gaucha and Leo Movies

August 28th, 2010

Mel Gaucha has a habit of purchasing the hottest outfits to put on in the bedroom for her boyfriend Leo, and Leo has a habit of going nuts for her when he sees his sexy tranny in them, and relentlessly trying to service her pecker! He goes down to her stiffy nestled in her panties after licking on her massive boobs, getting his mouth ready so he can coat her rod in his spit. When she's totally stiff, her boyfriend spreads open his butt cheeks and asks her to drill his butthole, as she's sliding so deep inside his ass that her balls are clapping against his! The blonde shemale hottie loves getting him to grunt and moan nearly as much as she loves having him suck her dick to taste her jizz!

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Mel Gaucha and Leo Pictures

August 20th, 2010

When his blonde t-girl surprised him in the bedroom with a sexy fishnet outfit that left nothing to the imagination, Leo couldn't help but get rock hard for her. And neither could Mel Gaucha, who pulled out her dick and let him swallow it whole! His asshole swallowed it whole as well, as she made sure that he got every inch of her meat inside his ass, no matter what position they were in.

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Liz and Lior Movies

August 14th, 2010

You have to wonder if this tranny Liz was dreaming about fucking, because she woke up craving her boyfriend's dick, and to cram her own rod inside his butthole! Lior relaxed while she fished his dick out of his pants, sucking on it until it grew in her mouth. Then it was his turn to suck her off, because her fuck stick was going to be the one doing the fucking! He lowered himself down onto her stiffy while she laid on the couch, squatting on it until her dick disappeared in his butt. He clenched her firmly with his ass muscles when she fucked him from behind, as she fucked his rear until she took her cock and dribbled her cream all over his ass. Then she laid beneath his schlong and urged him to jizz all over her face and shemale boobs!

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Liz and Lior Pictures

August 5th, 2010

Liz was dreaming of fucking her boyfriend, and when she woke up from her nap on the couch, there he was, ready to have some fun! She whipped Lior's cock out first and sucked him stiff to loosen him up. After all, he's the one that's going to get fucked by the tranny! He gives her dick some lip service, and soon enough, he's opening his asshole wide and taking every inch of her cock deep inside of him. And while he gets her load on his ass, he shoots his on her face and tits.

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Leticia and Diego Movies

July 28th, 2010

The water was very warm for the both of them to get in and enjoy, but to Diego, Leticia was even hotter, and he'd rather have her get into his asshole with her swollen tranny erection! He got her to get out of the tub by rubbing her tits with his tongue and hands, and then he snatched her dick out from her bikini bottoms so he can lick all of it. She sat on the edge of the tub and had him squat on it until it slid all the way inside his butthole. He fucked himself hard, but it wasn't nearly as hard as when she got him on all fours and rammed his butthole from behind. She had him servicing her dick well, and rewarded him with a shot of hot jizz all over his body.

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Leticia and Diego Pictures

July 20th, 2010

Leticia set up this nice bubble bath for her and her boyfriend, but he wants her out of the tub when Diego sees his shemale girlfriend in her two-piece! He knows that he's just a piece of fabric away from sucking on her big dick. He sits her down by the side of the tub and sits down on her cock, filling his own ass with it. She bends him over to jam it deep inside of him, and coats his chest with her dick glaze.

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Keisy and Leo Movies

July 14th, 2010

Leo came to see Keisy shake her ass on the stripper's pole, but he didn't bring any cash to shove in her panties! That's fine, because the tranny chick knows how to get paid some other way; by cramming her shemale cock inside of his mouth and butt! He doesn't even strip her naked to take her rod inside of his warm mouth, as he licks all of it until it's completely stiff. Then the bald fuck gets on all fours and serves up his narrow butthole to her swollen schlong, as she snatches him by the hips and drills her cock inside of him. His dick gets bigger every time she slides into him, so she strokes his cock while screwing his ass. She pulls out to get some head, before she erupts with sticky cum all over his chest.

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Keisy and Leo Pictures

July 5th, 2010

Keisy may be the one working the pole at first, but it's going to be Leo working her tranny pole soon enough! She takes out his cock for him, as he bobs his head up and down her swollen meat. She bends him over in front of the mirror so he can see her ramming him from behind, and then she gets on top of him and pounds his ass while stroking his cock. His chest is the perfect place for her to shoot her streams of jizz on!

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Yasmin and Tony Movies

April 6th, 2010

It's a smart thing that they make swimming outfits so easy to take off, because instead of taking a swim in the pool, Yasmin's tranny dick wanted to take a swim around Tony's lips in one of the lounge chairs! He got her naked and laid her down to suck her off, slamming her rod inside his throat as she snatched the back of his head and banged his mouth. He got on all fours for her, and she spread his butt open while shoving the tip of her schlong inside of him. His quiet noises grew louder as she banged him deeper, snatching him by his waist and slamming his ass while he pleaded for more. As she was about to cum, he pleaded to have it on his lips, and he got all he could possibly want in the end.

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Yasmin and Tony Pictures

March 30th, 2010

A dip in the pool can wait when you've got a horny shemale girlfriend who is looking to give your butt the fucking it needs! Tony warms up his curvy t-girl Yasmin when he sucks on her nipples and then licks her stiff prick up and down like a lollipop. She stands up and peels off his swim trunks, spreading his ass cheeks open and filling it with her rigid cock. She fucked him like an animal, and painted his face with her cum.

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